Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend winding up

We've had a good weekend so far. Friends over on Friday. Two winning soccer games on Saturday morning. One birthday party full of bounce house fun and finally dinner with ILs.

Today we've got mass, blood drive and the baby cousin bday party. After that I have tons of mundane household tasks to take care of. Laundry, change bed sheets, make menu for week. If I get those tasks done, maybe grocery shop. Plus, I need to finish up the work I didn't finish on Friday. Ugh. Why did I go back to work??? Oh, yeah. Money.

No knitting this weekend but I did start making my present for baby K. DH still thinks that I will be the dreaded Aunt S who makes homemade gifts. But I think my kitty cat will be adorable. Yesterday I bought a new pair of socks, buttons & stuffing. I sewed all the pieces last night and today I have to stuff and put it all together. Now the party is at 12:00. I have to work at the blood drive and then donate, so I will be late. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the blood drive is slow so I will have time to finish Little Kitty up before the party. Otherwise, she'll have to get her present later. That isn't a bad idea. Their parties are notoriously overwhelming in all aspects of bday parties. Too many people, too many presents, too much craziness. But not too much cake, there can never be too much cake!

I'll have to take pics of Kitty and other WIP and post this week.

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