Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Today was the first day of school.  I was mostly prepared. I didn't sleep through my alarm and the kids were up with plenty of time to get ready for school. I made lunches with mini chop fruit salad as requested.  (It is S#2's special recipe.  Basically it is fruit salad cut into a teeny, tiny dice.) The kids had clean uniforms and A's skirts was hemmed the way she wanted.

What I failed on this year was pictures.  I haven't used my big camera in a while.  I didn't bother to check the battery on it.  I was only able to get one picture.  Even the pop the battery out and back in trick didn't work.  I went searching for my cell phone and finally found it in my car, uncharged.  It could hardly turn on let alone take a picture. At least DH had his blackberry.


Seventh grader

Fourth grader

First grader

Not the best pictures but at least the day is documented.

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susan said...

Impossible! The SAME THING happened to me! One pic on the nice camera before the battery died completely. Ugh!