Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This past weekend, DH went to the lake with FIL, BIL and several other guys for guys trip to the lake. He was gone for 5 days. It was an easy time to be a single parent, there wasn't much going on. I did have to get J to baseball practice at 8:30am on Saturday morning.

Lucky for me, J is an early riser so getting him up and dressed was not an issue. He is however plagued with the "I swear I put it there and it isn't there anymore and someone else moved it so it would be lost just when I need it because I absolutely know that I put it right there" syndrome. At 8:10, J was ready to go except for his baseball bag, that contained his hat, glove and bats. We searched DH's car, we searched DH's truck, we searched the bedroom, the playroom, the garage. I sent DH an angry email because his phone was turned off and he isn't allowed to go out of town and turn his phone off while he's sleeping anymore. Finally I told J to get his father's glove and his brother's bat and we were leaving. He was practically in tears as he headed out the front door to check the front porch one more time, when he turned to look beside the front door behind the stroller.  The bat bag!

Crisis averted, we made it to baseball practice on time with all equipment.

However, the whole event stressed me out.  It does every time it happens, and it happens all the time just replace bat bag with shoes, hats, soccer balls, water bottles, etc. I decided to take matters into my own hands.  Saturday afternoon, I cleared out the junk that was piled up next to the garage door. I found a scrap piece of wood and some extra hooks.  I went to the dollar store for a nine volt battery so I could use the stud finder.  I was ready to make a place to keep bat bags.

Until my first attempt to put it all together and I didn't hit the stud.  I gave up. I didn't want DH to come home to a bunch of holes in the wall.

Today, we were both taking a break from work and I asked him to help me with something.  I had him use the stud finder and he got the same results.  Even though I didn't hit a stud, the stud finder said one was there. DH took over. He found the proper sized drill bits and the correct length screws. He did it all. He put a couple of screws in the wall and eventually hit a stud.

Although I would have like to have DIYed this project, it was nice that he took over and finished it much faster I ever could have.


The boys have absolutely no excuses for not knowing where their bat bags are. That is if I can actually train them to hang them up where they belong.

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Kristin said...

Nice rack! (ok, that sounds really bad). Nice bat bag storage! Nice shiner bock box!