Saturday, June 23, 2012

hungry vermin

I've been blessed with lots of tomatoes this year. I shouldn't complain. But those nasty vermin have been eating them. At first it was just the ripe, ripe red ones. I'm okay with that. I picked them just not quite done and let them finish on the counter.

The vermin figure out my strategy and started going after the almost, not quite, maybe I'll pick them this afternoon tomatoes. I changed my strategy and started leaving one on the vine to ripen to satisfy their tomato tooth. There were still plenty left for me.

Oh, no. That wasn't enough for those vermin, they wanted more.

Not only are they are they taking a single bite out of each tomato, they are starting to go after the sort of yellow, not even quite yet orange tomatoes.


I still shouldn't complain. I pulled five tomatoes that were eaten and five tomatoes that weren't. I guess I should be glad that my tomato plants are a giant tangle and the inside tomatoes are protected from their teeth. Now I just need to stop thinking about exactly what kind of vermin have been eating my fruit. It definitely can't be rabbits, bite marks are too small. I'm going with possom because I can't stomach the idea of rats in my garden.

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