Friday, June 22, 2012

Family Pizza Night

A just finished up Sr DECATS, a 3 week camp for academically talented students. It was a different experience than her last two years at Jr DECATS. It was much more free, they got to choose their own schedules, they took a major class every day for the morning and had electives in the afternoons, they got to bring their ipods and use them when they wanted as long as they weren't disruptive, they got to eat wherever they wanted. She loved it.

Her major was Culinary Arts and she did lots of cooking. They made ratatouille, crepes, beignets, pizza, pasta and much more. She has been coming home every afternoon begging me to let her cook. With a full day of DECATS for A & J and me juggling carpools to get them both there, we didn't have time for A to cook. Today was the last day at DECATS and she asked to make something.

We decided on family pizza night. A made the dough, J & B & I made the sauce.

We have plenty of tomatoes from the garden.

That picture in only half of what we have picked. I didn't feel like peeling and seeding all of those tomatoes.  It was quite necessary to purchase a food mill. The boys enjoyed using it.




I didn't get an action shot of A making her dough, but she did a fine job without any help from me (except opening the new package of yeast) and the dough turned out beautifully.


The pizza turned out great. I also made a caprese salad with one of the brandywine tomatos, the large cracked pinkish tomatoes that taste so delicious. That was good, but even better when eaten on top of the pizza and the crust dipped in the leftover balsamic/olive oil on the plate. Yum!!



It was a very successful family pizza night.


susan said...

Holy crap, Martha and minions! We had family pizza night last night, too. I preheated the oven to 400, waited until it was ready, put in a frozen pizza, waited 25 minutes, pulled it out and we all ate it.

Kristin said...

Please post the recipe!