Friday, June 22, 2012

garage sale find

Last weekend DH & J stopped by a garage sale on the next street. DH was excited to buy some gas tanks that don't have a safety valve that are so much better than the ones that they make now with the safety valve. Yes, safety valves are suppose to save us from exploding gas tanks but they pour so much better without them.

J asked DH to buy him a camera for $1.00. I think he found a good bargain.


It is a Agfa Jsolette. Since it had the "J" spelling, I think it is from 1937. It seems to work. You can move the lever on top, press the button and the lens opens. From what I can tell, the bellows is in good condition, I couldn't see any rips or holes. J is researching to see if he can make millions or a couple of bucks on it. Honestly, I think he'd rather figure out how to fix it up and use it instead of selling it for a profit.

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