Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Buzzing again

A couple of weeks ago, DH asked me if I thought we had bees in the water cutoff box again. I went outside and sure enough, the bees were flying back and forth out of the box. I had to turn the water on and off for DH. The bees made him nervous. They don't bother me.

He requested that I have them removed. I tried to get in touch with the people who took the bees the last time.  Their website is down and they didn't respond to the message I sent them over facebook. I did a google search and found a company that would take the hive and try to move it versus killing them.

He showed up last night to take the bees.




It was more expensive than the donation we made to last time around. He wasn't nearly as friendly and informative as the Texas Honeybee Guild people. I think he thought I was some kind of kook because I was standing out there with the bees, who were quite angry about their hive being disrupted, taking pictures. As I said, bees don't bother me. I just stood still if they buzzed too close to me.

He dusted the water cutoff box with pesticide. I was quite sad about this. I understand why. DH doesn't want them to come back again. I don't want to pay for the removal again. But I love seeing them around my garden. I hate that with all the problems with honeybees, I just aided in killing some of them.

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