Monday, October 24, 2011

World Series Game 4

I still can't believe the Rangers made it back to the World Series.  So exciting.  We sold our tickets to game 3 on Saturday night.  We had Autumnfest.  DH couldn't leave.  We made enough money to pay for all our post season tickets.  It was a hard decision but it worked out great.  I'd much rather have the 4K then have watched that debacle.

DH and I had tickets for Sunday night.  Honestly, after the long weekend, I felt cranky and tired and not altogether excited about going to a baseball game.   DH and his father wanted to go sit in the parking lot and watch the Cowboys game on tv.  I had no desire to spend the afternoon sitting in a parking lot.  I don't like the Cowboys that much.  Part of me wanted to skip the game completely.  S#5 was coming over to babysit (on her birthday no less) but her friend was coming into town at 2pm.  I didn't want to make her spend all day with the kids and miss seeing her friend.  I finally decided to meet DH out there later in the afternoon.  It all worked out for the best.  I got there early enough to get a parking space and enjoy a brat and a port-o-let before the game.


They did a live Stand Up To Cancer event in the 5th.  Not sure how it played on tv, but we held up our sign for our friend Michelle.


I was nervous about attending this game.  I hadn't seen a playoff win in Rangers history.  That goes back to 1996.  I definitely felt like a jinx.  I went to the Rangers game last year when poor "cousin" Derek Holland was drubbed in relief.  Memories are still strong.  Luckily the outcome was better this time around.   Derek pitched so well.  Despite the smarmy mustache, he had a really great game.  The stadium was so loud when they pulled him in the 9th.   Feliz came and closed it out.


I finally got to see a post season win.  The jinx is over and it was a fabulous night.  I'm so glad I didn't let my grumpy tired self ruin the evening.   I'm tempted to take our extra ticket for tonight and go again.  The practical mother side of me will probably win out.  I'll drive the kids to the doctor and volleyball and ballet and feed them and finally settle down on the couch to watch another good night of baseball on tv.

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Kristin said...

I wondered if you guys were there! And if Derek was a relation! Glad you had a good time. I had to google Derek's age - he looks 14 (the moustache does not help him at all)!