Friday, October 14, 2011

My Friday Afternoon

This afternoon I was suppose to get a whole lot done.  Figure out Halloween costumes for kids, make rice krispie treats to get rid of extra marshmallows, learn how to plant garlic, plant said garlic, etc

Instead my car battery died while picking the kids up from school.  Fortunately I was down the block from my mother who loves jumper cables.  The oldest niece was at home and she happily drove me back to my car to jump it.  Unfortunately, my battery was way dead.  Niece's jumper cables didn't work.   Fortunately, the crossing guard from school hadn't left.  He had super duper jumper cables and got me back in business.   Unfortunately, the battery was so dead I still couldn't get the sliding door to close.  I had to drive with it half way open until I turned a corner and centripetal force helped me out.  Fortunately, Mom watched my kids and Firestone wasn't too busy and could take my car right away.  Unfortunately, Firestone cannot tell time and I found out 30 minutes really means over an hour.

By the time I got home with a new battery, I had just enough time to feed my children Caeser Ceasar $5.55 pizza and take the boys to the Cub Scout Pack 712 meeting.  I don't normally do cub scout stuff.  I do girl scouts, DH is in charge of all things in cub scouting.  Tonight he was out, we had to go turn in the popcorn sales stuff, so unfortunately I went to my first Pack meeting.


Fortunately, soon after we arrived, DH showed up.  I waiting to see J carry in the flag, saw the Den 9 presentation and headed out.

I still have time to read up on growing garlic before bedtime.  Not all was lost.

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