Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Since school and sports have started, our lives are back to crazy busy.  We were lucky this weekend to have a very quiet Sunday.  We did nothing.  Well, not nothing, but nothing organized, pre-planned, sport or school oriented and it was lovely.

DH went tail-gating and camping the last two weekends and enjoyed smoked pork butt both times.  He decided he had to try smoking some himself.  Not only did he make a delicious dinner, he made the boys laugh all afternoon any time anyone said "pork butt".


The boys re-discovered their dried out sunflowers and harvested them for roasting.


The kids convinced Frankie to climb on the loveseat.  I wasn't thrilled that they were encouraging him to climb on furniture.  I will give them credit for putting a blanket over the cushion wouldn't be covered in dog hair.


I'm not sure when we'll get another free day.  So glad we got to enjoy this one while it lasted.

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