Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i feel awful

Today is 3rd grade farm day.  They go to school dressed as farmers and do pretend farm activities.  Part of it is a pie contest.  They try pies and vote on the best one.  J had to bring in a pumpkin pie from a specific store.  I went to purchase it last night and they didn't have fresh pumpkin pies, it was a premade, prepackaged pumpkin pie.  I talked to the bakery manager and he said they only make fresh pumpkin pies at holiday time.

I came home very worried about the pie.  I know I shouldn't be worried about the pie, but the mom in charge of Farm Day is a bit of a stickler and I'm being very nice with my adjectives.  I decided to call another friend who also volunteered to bring a pie and see if they had found one at another store. 

I called the dad, no answer.  I called the mom's cell, no answer.  I called the house.  Lots of ringing and then finally the boy answered.  I asked if I could speak to his mom.  He said he wasn't sure.  I heard him asking her if she could talk.  Then he asked me to call his dad and have him call home.  I really didn't know what was going on.  I asked again if I could speak to his mother.  She finally got on the phone and sounded awful.  I asked if everything was okay.  She said she slipped trying to get to the phone and hit her face.  I asked if she needed to me to come over.  She asked me to call her husband who was up at school.  I told her I had just tried his cell but no answer.  School is notorious for bad reception.  I hung up and tried him again but no answer so I sent him a text.  I called back to let them know and the older brother said they had talked to the husband and he was on his way home.

This morning, the mom called.  She needed some extra stuff for Farm Day.  I immediately asked how she was doing.  She had to go to the hospital and got 20 stitches in her nose and lip. 

I feel awful.  She was going to get the phone because I was calling.  She was rushing to get to the phone because she was on call and was worried that it was work.  Nope, it was me calling about a silly pie.   I practically punched her in the face and split her lip open.   20 stitches.  Oh my.

I think I'll make some chicken soup for her tonight. 

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susan said...

Oh, Sarah! I feel awful for you, even though there's no reason you should feel awful. YOU did not hurt that woman!!! What a bad situation. Really, it's all the fault of whoever planned where the pies should come from. And, btw, it's moot at this point, but what did you do about the pie?