Friday, October 28, 2011



That's DH and A's celebration dance. I took this picture convinced that it was going to be a celebratory "We won the World Series!!!!" post.  Josh Hamilton had just ended his post season home run drought to put the Rangers up by 2 in the 10th.

Unfortunately, those Cardinals tied it up in the bottom and then got a home run in the 11th to win game six.

It was just one more strike.  That's all we needed.  Twice.  And it didn't happen.  We're so sad.  And tired from staying up late.  And unsure if they can come back from that disappointing loss.  I hope tonight's game goes better.

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Kristin said...

I wondered about you guys last night. The Giants were one out away from winning it all back in 02 - I still remember David pacing in my parent's family room willing them to win.