Friday, May 27, 2011

To the person in the black jeep

with license plate number bw1 z828, I would like to you know that I was in the right and you were in the wrong. Was it necessary to honk your horn at me for at least 10 seconds, shoot me the finger and then zoom ahead of me and proceed down Northaven Road at 18 miles per hour??

I was in the straight or turn right lane. You were in the left turn only lane. I realize that the signs were put up fairly recently, but it has been a good 6 weeks. I realize that you have probably spent your whole life of approximate 18 years going straight from that lane. However the rules have changed now and you need start reading the signs.

I should have sped around you and gone 10 miles per hour like J suggested. I decided to play nice. Maybe you will next time! I hope so.

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