Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day of School!!!



Another year of school is done.

A got a great report card and the science and technology awards. She's headed to 6th grade, middle school, skirts instead of jumpers, a whole new world.

J also had a great report card and he got the creative writing award. He's headed into 3rd grade. He won't have as many changes as A but it will be a new adventure for him too.

B is finished with preschool. He's very excited to be going into kindergarten. He was disappointed that he didn't start the day after preschool ended. He wasn't prepared to wait all summer to be a "big kid".

We have a busy June coming up, full of camps. July bring the cousins home from Kazakhstan and a trip to Indy & the lake. August will be relaxing & getting ready for school to start on the 17th. 81 days of summer to go!

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