Thursday, May 19, 2011

bathroom words

B has been enthralled with bathroom words lately. Every time I hear him use one, I remind him that it is a bathroom word and only to be used in the bathroom.

Well, he's taken me seriously and pushing the limits.

He goes to the bathroom and sings at the top of his voice the word "Poop" to the tune of the song "Dynamite".

He stands at the doorway of the bathroom. He touches his foot outside the door and stops singing. He pulls his foot back and starts singing again. He repeats this over and over waiting for me to react.

I'm not reacting. Instead I'm praying for this phase to end very soon.

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Kristin said...

Dynamite is one of the songs they've been playing at the group power class I go to. Now I'm going to think of B the next time I go! Too funny that he steps a foot out and stops singing. He sure is pushing things isn't he???