Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Secret Christmas crafting

B has an awesome first grade teacher, Mrs. F. She is a loving, hugging, compliments galore, praising, inspiring kind of teacher. She makes each and every kid feel so special and she loves each and every one of them. I realize that probably most first grade teachers are like this, but since she is my boy's teacher, I think she is the best.

She loves to sing and pray with the kids all the time. I can tell because B comes home singing and praying all the time. One of the other moms came to me and told me that Mrs. F was talking about what Prayer Warriors her class is and how she would love a sign to hang in her classroom to show her Prayer Warriors how special they are. She suggested we find someone to make a sign and go in together to buy it for our special teacher. I told her I could make it.

Once I said I would make it, I got a little nervous. What if it didn't turn out like I wanted. I had an idea in my head and thought about it for awhile. I knew I was meant to make the sign as I had imagined when B leaned over to me in church while singing a hymn, "Blest Are They". He told me Mrs. F loved that song and they sang it in class.

I went to work and finally came up with this.



Today at the Christmas party, we presented Mrs. F with her new sign. She teared up, she was so touched.


I'm so glad it turned out well and it was just what she wanted.

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