Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Morning talk

It started with the Advent calendar and questions of when we were celebrating Christmas and with whom. Once we verified that yes, there would be a something with the cousins before they left for Mexico, B got overly excited about counting down the number of days until more presents. He who just had a birthday party with a multitude of friends was going crazy over more presents.

I calmed him down and reminded him about the true meaning of Christmas. He replied that yeah Christmas is about the baby Jesus but the best part is presents and started going crazy again. I suggested we celebrate by only giving 3 presents. Jesus only got three presents, so why should we get more then him.

A answered that Jesus got really expensive gifts, gold and the other two from the Three Kings, so if we're going to give gifts like Jesus got, she wants an ipad mini, an iphone and a new itouch.

Isn't she clever?

I finally rounded them up to go to the car. J moans he's off to another day of torture. A told him it wasn't torture, it was just a long day of boring work and dull lessons. J rebuked that her teachers didn't make her color three pictures in less than 10 minutes.

That I guess is the new definition of torture.

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