Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blast from the past

DH was looking through the new listings in our neighborhood earlier this week. He does this. Frequently. He called me into the office and asked me to look at a photo. He wanted to know if I recognized it.


It is the bedroom of our first house that we purchased in Jan. 1999. I did not recognize it for the first few seconds but then I saw the curtains. Those are the curtains that I sewed for the room. They were still hanging 13 years and two owners later.

The house has since been purchased at huge discount, less than what we paid for it, because of foundation issues. It looks like they fixed issues, updated the baths & kitchen a bit and put it back on the market (at a huge price jump, they'll never get that much money for it!) My curtains didn't make the cut for the flip, but at least they did get a good 13 years of good use. It made my efforts feel worthwhile.

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