Sunday, November 11, 2012


This should have been a post full of B's adventures. He had a trip to Old City Park (or what ever the name of Old City Park is now) with Cub Scouts for WWII/Veterens day. They were going to have all kinds of stuff to do and re-enactments of battles. I don't know if B was even interested but I thought it was going to be so cool. He also had his flag football tournament on Saturday. They were undefeated this season and were looking forward to going all the way.

Instead I got a phone call from the school nurse at 11:30 on Friday, B wasn't feeling well. He cried on the way home begging me not to take him to the doctor because then he wouldn't be able to play football. I insisted that he get medicine so he might be better in time to play. I cancelled the Cub Scout event. I was sad.

He was pretty puny all Friday night. He woke up with a fever early Saturday morning. It finally broke mid-morning. I didn't want him to play at all. We compromised or I gave in, not sure which. We were definitely skipping the first game. If there fever didn't come back up and he was feeling better, then he could play in the second and possible third game.

After this decision was made, he turned to me and asked what would happen if they lost the first game. I said he wouldn't play at all. He said it wouldn't happen. He was wrong. They lost and he didn't play. I was happy because I didn't want him playing in the first place. He was devastated.

Later DH, A and J went to the cousins house to watch ND football game. I called before hand to see how S#2 felt about B coming over. She wasn't keen on it. I understood, but then I had to tell B that not only did he miss the playoffs, he couldn't go to the cousins. More tears ensued mixed with multiple declarations of 'Being sick stinks.'

We made it up by going out for dinner, playing some board games, getting Fix It Felix Jr. game on the ipad and camping out on the sofa to watch the ND game by ourselves. He fell asleep early. He needed it. This morning he woke up fever free and is back to his rambunctious self.

Meanwhile, Saturday afternoon A had a dance performance at Market Hall. The two grandmothers, Cousin E and I went down to watch her dance. I forgot the big camera and the phone camera still stinks.

Here's my best.

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