Saturday, February 25, 2012


My mom got J a telescope for Christmas. He's taken it out to look at the sky a few times but tonight was the first time I joined in. It was around 6pm so almost dusk and we couldn't find the moon. Luckily DH has the patience to sit and move around until he saw it.

It was cool to focus in and see the ridges and craters on the moon. It is a waxing crescent moon so only 16% of the moon was illuminated. I would love to try again when the moon is full.

I took inspiration from the woman in front of us at the Mavericks pre-season game.  She held her cell phone up to her binoculars and snapped a picture of Khloe Kardashian. Here's the moon through the telescope with my android.


The larger circle is the viewfinder of the telescope. It didn't focus very well but you can see some of the detail at the edge of the shadow on the moon.

ETA: later that night we went out and found Venus and Jupiter.  We could also see 4 moons of Jupiter.  I tried taking more photos but it didn't work. 

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