Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My first two kids were so easy. They took suggestions well, they were fairly compliant, they let me tell them were to put pictures on their school posters so everything was nice and even. I had B and things changed. It's a good thing that he is my third. I've overcome my perfection compulsion. I've learned just to hand him the glue and let him do this thing. It is way easier than arguing with him.

For example, kindergarten valentines. They have a party today and had to bring valentines in for their classmates. B decided not to buy valentines but make them himself. I'm good with that, until he said he wasn't going to use a heart pattern, he was just going to cut them out. I tried to convince him that he would get more valentines from the paper if he used a pattern. He told me he didn't need a pattern, he knew what he was doing. He also decided he didn't like the red paper we had, it wasn't "red" it was "orange". He used blue instead. Oh, that boy drives me crazy.




I've learned my lessons over the past 6 years. I gave him scissors and let him go. He did it all. I did convince him to let me write "Happy Valentine's Day" due to lack of space.  He told me to make them more valentine-y and add the word "LOVE" too. He did the rest and he was so proud.

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Kristin said...

Those are gorgeous! Well done B!!