Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I've tried couponing before. I've spent time going through the sunday paper. I've cut out the coupons and organized them. I've even put them in my purse before heading to the store. Invariably, I forget to pull them out and actually use them. I can be good at it for a week or two and then I forget and they expire.

S#5 has gotten into using CVS Extra bucks lately. She gets all excited when she gets a load of candy for work for just a few dollars or bargains on her favorite lotion or various stuff for free. Saturday I needed to buy new lipstick for the school auction. I called S#5 to see if she wanted to go to cvs with me and get my extra bucks. She was busy so I went alone and used DH's card.

I was surprised when I checked out to find there was a special running on the brand of makeup I bought. I earned $4.00 in extra bucks for buying lipstick and eyeshadow.

Fast forward to Sunday evening when I had to buy valentines for J to take to school. He wanted nothing to do with making his own like his brother. Since I had the $4.00, I headed to CVS instead of the usual Target. He picked up two boxes of valentines and we paid.

I was again surprised when I looked at the receipt.


For two boxes of valentines, originally $6.50 with tax, I paid $0.52. Now that's a bargain. I may have to start paying attention to CVS and joining the Extra Bucks band wagon.

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