Monday, January 2, 2012

soup contest

S#2 & S#5 concocted a plan to use up the leftover chicken from our fajita dinner, a chicken tortilla soup contest.  They decided to hold it on Thursday afternoon during the ND bowl game.  When S#2 told me about it, I had to join in too.

I spent some time trolling the internet for recipes.  I considered this one and this one but in the end, I decided I had to use the cookbook I bought from Homesick Texan.  I've been reading the cookbook like it is a novel since it came in the mail but I still hadn't made any of the recipes.  Finally I found the perfect opportunity.

The recipe is only in the book not on her blog.  It is a smokier soup than usual, and is suppose to be made with dried pasilla peppers.  I couldn't find those and substituted with chipotle peppers.

Unfortunately the ND game wasn't worth watching but the soup competition was on!

the soups


the judges


the tasting


the winner


No, I wasn't the winner. Sort of.

Judge #1, Rachel, picked S#5 first and mine second. Judge #2, Mom, picked S#5 first and mine second. Judge #3, DH, picked mine first and S#2 second. Overall, S#5 got 2 out of three winner votes.  DH said we should use a point system. I got 2 second place (4 points) and 1 first place (3 points). S#5 got 2 first place (6 points) and 1 third place (1 point). We both had a total of 7 points, so a tie. Then a friend stopped by, tried the soups and picked my first. So I unofficially won. I know that deep down, the recipe is a winner.

And so S#2 doesn't feel left out of this post, she won the Kids Choice award. They all liked hers best. J wants me to make that recipe instead.

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