Thursday, January 12, 2012

Downton Abbey

All last spring I heard my mom & S#5 talking about Downton Abbey.  When the next episode was going to be on, no I can't talk to you right now, I'm watching Downton Abbey, oh, no, I've got to get home and watch Downton Abbey.  I was curious but busy.  Three kids and Sunday nights don't mix well with television.  I'm normally trying to find something to feed them without having to cook and clean the kitchen or buy take out food, finding and washing all uniforms, and convincing children to take a shower and go to bed.

Over the summer I finally found the time to watch Downton Abbey.  Thank you netflix & amazonplus.   I was sucked in quickly and understood what Mom & S#5 were so obsessed about.  I was lucky because I got to watch it all one episode after the other, no waiting.  Until I had to wait for season #2.

S#5 had been counting down the days until she cheated.  Someone she knows downloaded the british version of the show and she watch the whole thing before it started here in the US.  Despite that grevious sin, she was as excited as I was to watch it on Sunday night.  So excited that she threw a tea party.  I got to attend.  There was tea, cucumber sandwiches, mini scones, madeleines, quiche, and cheesy puffs.  Way too much food for 5 people.



Then we watched the show.


I tried to get a picture of "Downton Abbey" logo as it started, instead I got war & bombs but it was an exciting start.  Such a good show.  Thomas & O'Brien are still evil, Edith is still a twit, Mary is still hiding her love, the grandmother is cantankerous as ever.  Oh, and Bates, poor Bates, sacrificing his love to the blackmail of his estranged wife to save the family from scandal.  I can't wait until Sunday night.  Maybe S#5 will throw another tea party.  I don't really need the tea or the food, I'd rather just have the quiet place to watch a show without children interrupting.

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Kristin said...

I need to start watching this. Past season is on netflix? I need to look that up.

I could use a good show to get excited about. I miss West Wing and early Alias.