Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Downton Abbey Week 3

Sunday night I joined S#5 again to watch Downton Abbey. S#5 made the big spread for the premiere episode and scones for the second episode. This week I pitched in with a recipe I found in my new Southern Living magazine, Lemon Rosemary Coffee Cake. It seemed very English tea to me.

It called for lemon curd, so I made my own. I almost messed it up but after a couple of takes and a lot of stirring, it turned out just fine. If you're going to try this, definitely cook it longer than the 8 minutes it calls for. It definitely needed more time to thicken.


The cake turned out delicious.


Everyone loved this cake. All the kids ate it and asked for more. I surprised at that. However, the rosemary that drew me to the recipe was very subtle. I would definitely add extra next time.

Downton Abbey was great. Grandmother Crowley was sharp as ever. Bates is back, Bates is back! Only 5 more days until the next episode.

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