Sunday, September 26, 2010

My ballerina

A's ballet teacher told them a few weeks ago that the Moscow Ballet was coming to Dallas to perform the Nutcracker. They were having open auditions last Saturday for kids to be in the show.

We had a typically busy Satuday and I didn't think twice about it until we ran into a friend who was going to audition on Sunday. A decided to try it too. She made call backs last week. She was up for 1 part and her friend was up for another which ruined the idea of carpooling.

We went yesterday at 2:30 for the try-out. I stood and waited and waited and waited. Finally at 3:25 she came out to tell me she was too short and had been pushed into the next round of auditions. Not good in terms of waiting but good because she was auditioning with her friend again.

Another 45 minutes of waiting (much better this time because I had the mom to talk to while we stood in the lobby) they came out and both had a part. They are going to be Russian Sentinels. We find out in a week or two what day they will dance.

She is so excited! We are so proud!


Kristin said...

How exciting! What an incredible experience for A!!

justine said...

That's so fantastic! We're happy to have them on board! Good luck to both.... this is an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

-Justine (PR Specialist for Moscow Ballet)

just another manic mom-day said...

What are the rehearsal schedules like? My 7yr old wants to audition this week, but I'm trying to figure out what the commitment will be if she's selected!

Sarah said...

They have a 45 minute rehersal this weekend where they learn the dance with a lady from the Moscow Ballet. After that, they have 1/2 hours rehearsals every Saturday. I think the week before the performance they have a run through. All of the rehearsals are in the afternoon, so it doesn't conflict with her soccer schedule.

just another manic mom-day said...

Thanks! That totally seems do-able!