Thursday, September 9, 2010


Dh's big 4-0 party is on Saturday. He sort of freaked out this morning over it. It seems that pretty much everyone we invited is coming. That wasn't really planned. We figure 1/2-2/3 would come. We're looking at about 90%. It is his own fault. He's too darn popular.

Anyway, back to freak out. He started going off on how we are going to have 70+ people in our house in 48 hours and we hadn't done anything. I reminded him that it was 57 hours not 48 so we had plenty of time. Not the answer he wanted. So I pulled out my phone and showed him my detailed priority list, gave him his jobs to get done and told him it would be okay.

To make him feel better I tackled a few of the big things today.

Confirmed catering. Set up a time for delivery and gave them our address so they could actually deliver it. You think they would have asked for it. I'm glad I did.

Recovered the seats to the kitchen chairs.


The old seats were 13+ years old, covered in kid grime stains and frayed with cushion showing through. When we first planned the party, DH asked me to recover them. I got it done with plenty of time to spare.

Stuffed all outdoor toys in the toy shed


This was not an easy task. Plus I still have to get the wagon off the front porch and fit it on top.

Hid all toys that normally sit out in the open in the playroom.


We have way too many toys. I'm thinking we need to have another garage sale.

Finished crafting. I made these jars to hold candles and hang from the trees across the backyard.


We still have a lot to do tomorrow. I think it will all get done. If anything, I'll be sure to clean those toilets.

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