Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Native American Project

The fifth grade social studies teacher is ancient. She just finished her 50th year at St. Monica's. She taught me 25 years ago. I know in A's class there are at least 5 other parents who she also taught. I had Mrs R during her short period of teaching 7th & 8th grade. For almost 20 years, she has taught 5th grade social studies. Her Native American project is famous.

Every 5th grader has to make something that has something to do with Native Americans. It can be anything. The projects (especially with boys) tends to be a competition to see who can build the biggest teepee/pueblo/totem pole.

Luckily A didn't want to go big. She decided to sew a dress for Kaya, her first American Girl doll.


Aside from me giving her advice on how to make the pattern and the design for her beading, she did this all by herself. Okay, I helped her tie those little beads on the dangling strips too, but it was after 9pm and she really needed to get to bed.

I am so proud of the work she has done. She really is good at using her sewing machine and executing her ideas. My mother is especially proud that she has another sewer in the family! I hope she is equally proud of herself.

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