Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Did I really hear that?

This morning I took J to an early morning appointment at the eye doctor. We went in for the initial exam and then they dilated his eyes. We had to go sit in the waiting room to wait for dilation to complete.

The waiting room had filled up while we were in the exam room. An older couple was sitting next to J and me. They reminded me of BIL#2's grandparents. They were talking quietly and I wasn't listening. Then the woman says, "I don't understand how women can go out in public in shorts or skirts when they have such ugly legs."

My head popped up at that comment because I was wearing shorts and my legs are far from beautiful. I checked out the other women in the waiting room. Luckily there was another one who had on a skirt with equally not pretty legs so it wasn't just me that she was commenting on.

She obviously saw my head go up because she then turned to her husband and said, "Do you think they heard me say that?" I turned and looked at her so she knew that I did. She whispered quietly after that, but I hope she was embarrassed and will keep her critiques to herself from now on.

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Kristin said...

Well, I have to admit a bit of relief. At first when I started reading I thought it was going to be something wrong with J's eyes and you were in shock and couldn't believe what you heard. Instead it was just some old bat. So I guess it could have been worse? I'm glad you stared at her!