Monday, August 30, 2010

knock down drag out morning

I hate mornings. Absolutely hate mornings. You can ask my whole family, I don't do mornings well.

Monday mornings. Well, they are worse.

This morning surpassed the average horrible Monday morning.

A decided last week that she wanted to read the Harry Potter books. She began with book 1 last Monday and started book 4 yesterday. This morning she was "ready" for school, sitting at the kitchen table with her nose in her book. I asked her multiple times if she was ready for school. Shoes? Teeth brushed? Bed made? Each question made her madder because I was interrupting the book making her get ready for school.

I had flashbacks of myself in 5th grade sneaking a book on my lap while pretending to listen to social studies/science/math. I always got caught & got in trouble. I wasn't going to give her the chance. When we were finally gathering stuff to leave, I told her she had to leave the book at home. Oh man, it wasn't a good scene.

A did not agree with me at all. She tried to put the book in her bag while I was getting my keys. I removed it. She "told" me that I was wrong and she was taking the book no matter what. I repeated calmly that the book was staying home. She "told" me that she was not going to school without the book. I said fine and told J to get in the car so I could drive him to school. We got in, buckled up and backed halfway out of the driveway. At that point I was wondering what I should do. Was I really going to leave her at home over a book? Should I go back in and insist she get in the car? I stopped the car and was debating what to do. Luckily that was when she came storming out the back door. I didn't have to back down or scream at her and she went to school.

All I can say is that tomorrow morning must go better than this morning or I'm going to boycott mornings altogether. I'm not cut out for this. I'll kick DH out of bed to take care of the kids and pull the covers back over my head until 10am.

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