Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My very own Death Star

My birthday present:

It's a rolling ball composter. I have a rectangular bin one but I needed another one. Now I can have a starting composter and a finishing composter! I'm excited. DH is happy because it reminds him of Star Wars.

He also bought me the BOOK

It has been sitting there since lunch time taunting me while I worked. I decided I couldn't start it because if I did, I would finish it and I wouldn't work. I vowed to wait. Then I had to wait until the kids went to bed because I didn't want to be interrupted and get really irritated. So as soon as I'm done with this post and have another piece of chocolate mocha cake, I'm starting it. I probably won't sleep much tonight!

We were going to stay home and have leftovers but the kids said we couldn't do on my birthday so we headed out to Fish City Grill.

We had oyster nachos for appetizer

And DH & I split fish tacos for dinner

It was a great finale for my 39th birthday.

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Kristin said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like a great week!!