Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family weekend

The first week of school went fine for A&J. Friday after school we put them to work cleaning the house. S#1 was coming into town for an engagement party for S#5. We had to get things ready since she was staying here with us.

Saturday the kids went with the ILs for the night. We picked up S#1 at the airport, ate lunch, went shopping, relaxed and went to the party. S#4 came into town for the party too so we had 4 of the 5 of us together. It doesn't happen very often. Too bad S#2 moved to Kazakhstan on Friday. It was a lovely party and we all had fun.

Today the whole family joined us for a late lunch/early dinner. My birthday is on Tuesday and we started talking about what cake I would have for my birthday. S#1 (who is here until Tues) said we should have cake on Monday so we can celebrate with her. Then S#4 said we should have cake today so she could celebrate too. So S#1 & S#5 ran to the grocery for a grocery store white sheet cake with buttercream icing (one if S#1's favorite indulgences) and we had Birthday Celebration #1.






Tomorrow Mom is making chocolate mocha cake & we'll have Birthday Celebration #2. Then Tuesday is the actual birthday and I'll have Birthday Celebration #3. That's the one I'm most excited about because Mockingjay is released on my birthday! Everybody needs 3 days of birthday, right???


susan said...

Tell me about these books. Never heard of them. Worth reading?!? Your sister looks JUST like you (the one in yellow, anyway). Also, three celebrations sounds awesome. Just perfect. Especially for someone turning... 40? Somehow, I have a feeling I'm wrong and you're turning 39. I feel so old. BTW, when are you coming to see us?

Sarah said...

Susan -
The books are Hunger Games, Catching Fire & Mockingjay and they are definitely worth reading. And yes, I'm a baby and I'm turning 39. I'm not old like you! :)