Friday, August 27, 2010

Time suck

I'm throwing a party next month for DH's 40th birthday. My "Old" man is a social kind of guy and, even though he debated whether or not he wanted to have a party, he is very excited. He has told every one he meets to save the date so they can attend. Our guest list keeps growing. Despite my fear of large crowds and small talk, I think it will be a very good time.

I'm saving my excitement for the little things like I get to craft!

Today it struck me that the party, which was weeks away when I started to plan, is now just 2 weeks and 1 day away. I have to figure out where to put food, where to have people sit, where to hide toys, where to get table cloths, etc.

I told DH today that he had to buy a desk. See, since we moved into this house almost 4 years ago, DH has been using one of my folding tables as his office desk. It was all temporary since we were also using the office for B's cribby room. Now that he is all grown up and moved into a real bed, the cribby room is now an office and I need the table for the party.

We headed out to that merchandising wonderland known as IKEA to find a desk. We spent who knows how much time comparing each and every possible desk combination for what seemed like a few minutes. After much debate, he ended up buying a table instead of a desk. He left to wander to the end of the store to find the table parts while B & I went to the kids section to play. After playing a bit, I convinced him to help me find daddy. I got to check out and realized that my phone volume was messed up again and DH had been trying to call me. It was after 3:00 and we had less than 10 minutes until J got out of school.

IKEA is the world's biggest time suck. They made you push your cart through that enormous maze and distract you with things like $3.00 power strips and $10.00 drawer organizers and $2.50 plastic utensils. Next thing you know 2.5 hours have gone by without you noticing. Luckily we got out of there with just those few things and the desk. We made it to the park to find J waiting without crying (he's growing up!) Best of all, I have the most organized utensil drawer in the world!


Anyone who has ever looked for a fork or a bottle opener in my kitchen before will be very impressed. I've decided that if I get stressed out getting things ready for the party, I can just open up my utensil drawer and breathe a huge sigh of relief!

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