Thursday, March 18, 2010

spring break

We're staying home this spring break. One year ago we were visiting the cousins and skiing. This week hasn't been nearly as exciting but we tried to do something fun every day.

Monday: a trip to Central Market where we bought lots of food and tried every sample except the wine.

Tuesday: a trip to the zoo with J's buddy and his family

Wednesday: watch Alice in Wonderland at the Inwood with the cushy couches and bean bags. (I got lice heebie jeebies but I washed everyone's hair in tea tree oil shampoo, hopefully we'll stave off any infestations)

Thursday: geocaching and Braum's (chocolate chip cookie dough (A&J), chocolate chip(b), peanut butter cup(me))

Friday: spend the day with grandma

Saturday: A's friend is coming over and the boys might go to the batting cages to get ready for machine pitch baseball which starts as soon as soccer is over.

I didn't take my camera along for any of these outings. This afternoon I finally remembered that my phone takes pictures too. And not bad ones considering it is a cell phone.

Geocaching over the highway


cache in a strip mall


found one in a hidden park



At Braum's for a surprise treat




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Kristin said...

I'd never heard of geocaching! Looks like fun, I might need to try that on our spring break in a couple of weeks.