Monday, March 15, 2010

the dog and the yard

Three or so weeks into this, we're discovering that owning a dog isn't so simple.

For the first week the dog had digestive issues. We weren't too concerned about where he went as long as he made it outside, which for the most part, he did. Now that he's back to healthy digestion, we've become concerned about where he poops. Because this is his favorite spot:


Right in front of the playset, in the middle of the yard. Yelling "Watch out for poop" was getting really old.

We have an ugly side yard that we decided was the perfect place for a dog run. But it had issues.


We spent some money last year to lay down brick to cover up the scrubby dirt around our shed. However, we didn't spend much money and it wasn't laid properly. They raised the grade in front of the shed enough to stop drainage and the side yard floods whenever it rains. Which has been often this winter. If we wanted to use this as a dog run, I had to fix it.

I devoted several hours this weekend to pulling up brick, digging out sand & clay dirt, laying more sand and dumping pebbles.


Hopefully it will solve both of our issues at once.

Now we just have to convince Frankie that this is the best place in the world to poop!

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