Monday, March 1, 2010

A post of his own

Because he is so silly.

B was amusing himself in DH's laundry pile while waiting to get into the shower before all of yesterday's activities.


Yesterday between activities, we caught some of the US v Canada hockey game. B is obsessed with sports. He told me we needed new dress up clothes because we had no hockey clothes for him to wear while watching hockey.

B was very concerned about this game because he was cheering for the blue team and the white team was winning most of the game. Plus the cousins live in Canada so they had to cheer for the white team but he wanted them to cheer for the blue. I tried to explain that most of them (except cousin E) were probably cheering for the blue. He insisted that if you live in Canada you had to cheer for the white.

This morning on the way to school he told me again that he was mad that the blue team lost and he couldn't wait for the cousins to move back home from Canada so they could cheer for the blue team again. He said the cousins might be happy since they lived in Canada that the white team won, but next time, the blue would definitely win because he was going to play hockey for the blue team and the cousins would cheer for him too.

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