Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It was a beautiful, not too hot spring day. We had a nice productive afternoon.

DH mowed the lawn, cleaning up all the dead grass and leaves from last year. I turned the bed in back in preparation of planting vegetables.

The kids had a good afternoon too. The boys ran around with the dog, played on the swing set, dug with me occasionally. A pulled out her sewing machine and made clothes for her dolls. She came outside periodically to check on us and show me her progress. We all ended up hanging out in the front yard until dark.

B was riled up and hard to settle down. We started bedtime routine way too late. Almost immediately he started calling for his dad. DH went in and came back out with B bawling in the background. He told me I needed to take care of it.

B told me he had a horrible owie on his hand. I turned on the light to see it. I licked my finger, rubbed and it magically disappeared. He found another spot which too rubbed right off and then another. B was still crying because he was in really bad pain.

Did I get him out of bed and wash his hands (which he really needed) to prove he had no owies. No, I got him a half shot of advil and told him it would make him all better. It did. He went right to sleep. I knew it was my panacea.

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