Friday, August 22, 2014

Back to School 2014

It was not a simple first day of school this year. Three kids in three difference schools lead to a week of back to school activities.

B was up first on Monday.

 photo 20140819_072619_1_zps027dc195.jpg

 photo 20140819_072626_1_zpsf1d6702e.jpg

 photo 20140819_072632_1_zpscfb8faf7.jpg

B is 1) standing nicely smiling for Mom, 2) being excited about third grade, and 3) showing how he really feels about the end of summer.

 photo 20140818_073923_1_zps667992da.jpg

 photo 20140818_074754_1_zps9ad6d65c.jpg

 photo 20140818_074815_1_zps0c37e86c.jpg

It was very strange walking him into class all by himself, but I think he kind of liked it. His teacher wasn't in the classroom yet, so I didn't get that picture. Another mom told the boys to hold up three fingers for third grade. Of course B took it to the extreme.

Tuesday was Opening Ceremonies at J's new school.

 photo 20140818_201258_1_zpsba2984f5.jpg

I neglected to take pictures of J by himself. I did take pictures when he tried on his dress uniform on Monday night.

 photo 20140819_072751_1_zpsf4150fc7.jpg

 photo 20140819_072755_1_zpsa0a9feba.jpg

 photo 20140819_072810_1_zps6c6ac92f.jpg

 photo 20140819_072812_1_zpscc8a16fd.jpg

Here are pictures of the boys together. Of course they had to be goofy. The repeated eye-rolling led into all out back to school craziness.

 photo cistercian2_zps742d8003.jpg

 photo cistercian_1_zps947fa287.jpg

DH took J to his first day at his new school, Cistercian. I thought he'd be more nervous, but he wasn't. Hopefully that is a sign of a good year to come. They had Opening Ceremony (which was just a mass with all the boys in the blazers & dress pants) and then eye & hearing check, pictures, and all the other first day of school necessities.

Thursday was A's first day of Freshman Orientation at Ursuline.

 photo 20140821_081055_1_zps14a8c277.jpg

 photo 20140821_081149_1_zpsb5e6abb5.jpg

She missed taking pictures with her brothers so she tried to get the dog to stand in. It didn't really work.

 photo 20140821_082447_1_zps339454c6.jpg

 photo 20140821_082553_1_zpsaa79f7aa.jpg

 photo 20140821_082602_1_zps102c572f.jpg

 photo e_a_2_zpse09cc2e4.jpg

We picked up cousin E. They smiled prettily for the first couple of pictures and then turned as goofy as the boys. I think they were attempting to recreate the past pciture, they need to work on the pose!

 photo 20140821_085520_1_zps19f8ab16.jpg

 photo e_a_1_zps4b90f000.jpg

Carpool line to drop them off took forever! All the parents were getting out of the car taking pictures of the President and Principal of UA shaking hands with the new freshmen. I told them I would skip it and just took a picture out the window of the car. I still can't believe the twin cousins are now high school freshmen. It was just a minute ago they were little girls!

A still has her first day of classes on Monday. I'm working on convincing her to be ready early enough to get a picture of all three kids in uniform. We'll see if teenager sleepiness overrules family photo time.

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