Monday, August 4, 2014

The Great Room Swap III

I last left off with A's room and the bathrooms painted. I finally found time to start painting the boys' rooms on Thursday night. It was after 8pm before I started. I decided to get the edge done in B's room before the night ended. If I finish the edging on Thursday night, I might be able to finish painting by Sunday or maybe Monday.

Things didn't go quite as planned. B picked a deep green. It wasn't a forgiving paint. I don't normally tape when I paint. I keep a steady brush and a wet rag to clean up as I go. Well, let me tell you that green paint doesn't quite clean up. It just sort of smears. I got frustrated quickly. Lets just say that within 45 minutes, I edged one wall (horribly), cried and quit.

I went to bed and decided that I would go buy tape for the edges and start again the next day. Luckily DH knew I was at my limit. He was probably at his limit with me too. He called me before lunch the next day. He booked painters for 8am on Saturday to finish the two rooms. It was sort of pricey but well worth it. Three guys, 4 hours, several hundred dollars and the two rooms were done! I got to spent the day sorting through all the stuff.

 photo 20140726_091424_1_zps3c041065.jpg

 photo 20140726_133809_1_zps90c67f83.jpg

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