Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Saturday afternoon of fun

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Saturday was typical. Lots of stuff to do, errands to run, places to go. At 3:30 we found ourselves trying to decide what to do next. Summer is coming to close, the kids start school in a few weeks, the weather was nice and we wanted to take advantage of the day.

We ended up at Free First Saturday at the Nasher Sculpture Museum. B decided we need a willow tree to run through at our house. He loved it. A posed in front of the Picasso and the boys joined in. After the Nasher, we walked to the downtown Cathedral for mass. We had about 30 minutes until Mass started so we walked through the Crow Collection of Asian Art. It was nice and small, perfect for a few spare moments. After mass, we drove to Chicken Scratch. It has been on DH's list of places to try, and I think everyone wants to go back again.

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