Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Great Room Swap IV

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I spent last week doing very little work on the bedrooms. I am still going through stuff. I've made 3 runs to St. Vincent De Paul. It has been nice to clear out a lot of the extra junk. The boys got new comforters for their bed and decorations for the walls. J needed some furniture. We did what most people do and headed to IKEA. He and I spent most of Sunday putting together a desk, a dresser, a desk chair, a laundry hamper and a filing rack. It wasn't fun, but it all went together and I didn't kill anyone.

While J & I were busy in his room. A spent the day cooking a meal from scratch for the family. (With a bit of help from S#5, thank you very much!) We had homemade pasta with butter onion tomato sauce, pesto sauce, parmesan green beans, lemon vinaigrette zucchini & caesar salad. It was delicious dinner after a long day. Thank you A!

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We've put a lot of work into the house over the past 3 weeks. The boys' closets could probably use some organization which will happen at some point in time. I still need to go through photos and find places to store the stuff from the office that we're keeping, but as far as bedrooms, we're done

P.S. Bad photos. Sorry! That's as good as it gets right now.

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