Saturday, May 18, 2013

Take me out to the ballgame

Today was the first day for baseball. Well, J has been playing in a spring ball in another league, but today was the first day for Y baseball.

Due to some strange circumstances, DH ended up coaching B's team this year. He had just handed the reins of J's team over to another dad and thought he was done. Oh well, B is excited and, without DH, there wouldn't have been a team for B to play on. I'm glad he stepped up.

First grade machine pitch baseball is much more fun than coach pitch.

Pledge of Allegiance
 photo DSC_5383_1_zpsabe68030.jpg

Playing short
 photo DSC_5384_1_zps19063b09.jpg

First at bat
 photo DSC_5386_1_zps3fa862ca.jpg

 photo DSC_5388_1_zpsc541d004.jpg

 photo DSC_5389_1_zps0830a6c0.jpg

His buddy T (I just liked this action shot!)
 photo DSC_5394_1_zpsa353c62b.jpg

Trying to ignore the crazy lady with the camera
 photo DSC_5401_1_zps02a0ca4b.jpg

Oh, my, he looks so old to me there! And we're overdue for a haircut. And what's up with the sleeves tucked into the sweat band. B definitely has his own sense of style.

J's team had their first day today, the first game of kid pitch. J was first up.  I stayed for part of the first inning to watch him pitch. Oh, kid pitch is nerve wracking for the mother of the pitcher.

 photo DSC_5410_1_zps4dfdb754.jpg

 photo DSC_5409_1_zpsff8452b8.jpg

Unfortunately, nerves and heat got the best of him and he didn't make it out of the first inning. He did have a couple of good pitches and he struck one kid out. It was good practice and I'm sure it will go better next time.

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