Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I've been juggling everything lately. The full time job takes up most of my time. DH is doing double duty with all of the after school kid stuff and working around their schedules. When I get home it is time to make dinner, check homework, and pick up from practice. It seems like we're always running around to get stuff done. There is no down time until 9 or 10 at night.

Today was Pinterest Challenge day. Since I  have no time in general, I  had no time for Pinterest Challenge. I thought about it for a half of a second and immediately dropped the thought.

However busy I am, tomorrow is A's thirteenth birthday and I had to make time to make her a cake. Yes, she's have a birthday party with her twin cousin tomorrow and they will have a cake at that party, but I've always made her a cake for her birthday and I couldn't skip this one. Especially thirteen. It seems like such an important number.

I sat down at my computer and started looking for ideas for decorating the cake, and voila, I had a Pinterest Challenge project and a birthday cake all in one.

I found this pin from This Little Life of Mine.

And this pin from Cupcake Diaries.

Easy simple decorations. Just what I needed for my busy life.

Birthday cake and Pinterest Challenge done.

Check out the other hosts of the Pinterest Challenge.

Young House Love, RedBirdBlue, Sparkle Meets Pop, Bower Power. Here's to having more time for the next one.

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