Tuesday, May 7, 2013


B's teacher this year is wonderful. We really like her. She almost makes me want to have another child so I can have her for a teacher again. Almost, but no, no more children.

I did want to thank her for the great year that B has had. I did what I do, I knit her a scarf. She loves pink, hot pink.



It turned out nice. Sure hope, Mrs F thinks so too. Saroyan

And on a knitting note, my mother gave me this.

It is a baby head stuck on a ceramic yarn guide. She thought I definitely needed it because I knit and the curlique is used in spinning yarn (I think.)

I decided that I probably wouldn't wear it on a necklace, as much as my mother thinks I will. I hung it on the cube at work. My only decoration besides a magnetic Rangers schedule.

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