Thursday, May 16, 2013

May, so far

 photo 20130514_184310_1_zpsdf193cf9.jpg

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 photo 20130510_194823_1_zps47665b0f.jpg

 photo 20130511_095954_1_zps3b7db29f.jpg

 photo 20130515_084542_1_zps42a604d8.jpg

 photo photo36_1_zps204c0095.jpg

Lots going on. Cold spells & tornado sirens, but the tomatoes (& the rest of the garden) seem to have survived. Lots of birthday celebrations. Bad photos of the band concert. And I lost the video of them playing too! Some knitting going on. Finally, that ice cream man is very happy that I went back to work. He's there all the time again!

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