Tuesday, May 28, 2013

growing bigger

The caterpillars are getting bigger.

 photo 20130528_182648_1_zpsd8c677e2.jpg

 photo 20130528_182648_2_zps91b65270.jpg

 photo DSC_5439_1_zps4e0d35ab.jpg

 photo DSC_5429_1_zps25462e7d.jpg

Isn't it crazy how much they have grown?

The kids found another caterpillar on the bush a few days ago. It is a full grown caterpillar almost to the chrysalis stage.

 photo 20130528_182909_1_zps48a5270b.jpg

 photo 20130528_182748_1_zps83d05e23.jpg

The boys want to put it in a cage so they can watch it form the chrysalis and emerge as a butterfly. I think I'm going to leave it and maybe let them take one of the other baby caterpillars later.

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