Saturday, April 27, 2013

Garden 2013

I haven't done any garden posts this year. It didn't start off very well.

My tiny baby tomato plants didn't make it through the very rainy cold first weekend of Spring Break. I came home to find a couple of shriveled up plants. I went to the store and bought more, only to lose them in a late freeze a few weeks later. I quickly replaced them and they seem to be doing well. I hope I'll get some tomatoes this year.

 photo DSC_5361_1_zpsefefc8fe.jpg

I planted some herbs behind the tomato box. They took a hard hit with the freeze too. The dill made a major come back (I don't like dill, it is caterpillar bait.)

 photo DSC_5364_1_zps9d1ad71f.jpg 

The lone jalepeno is looking better but something is eating it, I suspect that plant eating dog of ours.

 photo DSC_5365_1_zpscd206d68.jpg

The basil is looking bad. I'm thinking it might be time to go buy another one before it gets too hot.

 photo DSC_5366_1_zpsa4f98bef.jpg

J planted corn again this year. B planted carrots but nothing came up. The seeds were old. I think this might be my last year for corn. I'd much rather use that box for something else.

 photo DSC_5367_1_zps3f55b9cc.jpg

The garlic I planted last winter is surviving the dog, I hope. He keeps running back there and walking all over it.  Again, I think he is eating the clover that I haven't bothered to weed out yet.

 photo DSC_5371_1_zpsed1925cf.jpg

The strawberry plants already have fruit on them. Maybe this is the year we get something out of our strawberries.

 photo DSC_5368_1_zps9c6d2bcd.jpg

We planted some squash, zucchini and spaghetti. There are sunflowers growing behind. I think I'm going to have to move them around. B planted them quite close together. I wonder if you can transplant sunflowers. Will they survive?

 photo DSC_5370_1_zps18eee3b1.jpg

In addition to vegetables, I planted a heuchera.

 photo DSC_5372_1_zps6bec1c86.jpg

It is looking spindly, but I'm hoping it will grow into a pretty plant like this one I planted two year ago.

 photo DSC_5375_1_zpsa86be9d0.jpg

Speaking of plants I put years ago, this gerbera daisy bloomed for the first time since I planted it for DH's 40th birthday party 2.5 year ago.

 photo DSC_5378_1_zps20d488d0.jpg

The bloom is fading and the picture's out of focus but I had to include it because I was so excited about the flower. I was surprised by the yellow-orange color too. It should have been red like this one.

 photo DSC_5377_1_zps8c08a195.jpg

The red gerberas are growing like gang busters.  I guess it is a good year for gerbers!

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