Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Winter Edition

One week late.

I had planned on making art.  Well, I made art.  I planned on framing the art.  Then I didn't like the frames I bought and spring break happened and we decided to go to Galveston.  Art didn't get finished.

So here is my practical Pinterest Challenge.  I have a cast iron pan.  I loved cooking in that pan until DH did dishes and scrubbed the seasoning out and let it air dry.  It got all rusty and nasty.  I've wanted to re-do the seasoning for a long time.  I pinned a how to clean your cast iron pan on my to-do board 34 weeks ago so it really has been a long time.

I finally did it.

I ended up using the original link, plus two more for reference. 


Scrubbing with salt and foil (I couldn't find and hate the feel of steel wool)

Covered the pot with coconut oil (I was out of bacon grease, lard and crisco)

After 3 hours of baking in the oven

Much prettier.  First, I need to fry up some bacon or something equally greasy to set my seasoning.  Second, I need to teach DH exactly how (or how not) to clean the pan or I have to dishes on nights I use it.

I'm a week too late to link up to the Pinterest Challenge on YHL.  Darn, I liked the bump in traffic I got with my last challenge.  At least I have an almost new again pan.

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