Thursday, March 29, 2012

Take a seat

Since I started working from home, I've used the desk my mother gave me.  She bought the desk soon after they moved to Dallas, so 1972-1973. It sat in the living room, a room that was only used for the occasional bridge party, rosary or the annual Christmas Open House or Easter Confetti Egg party. In other words, it was not used very often.

In the last six years, that chair has taken a beating.



I planned to reupholster it like this chair. I purchased the foam but never found fabric that satisfied me. Instead, every time I sat in the chair I silently cursed as I felt the cane breaking or the foam crumbling.

I have looked for a replacement chair.  I have perused web sites. I have drooled over the $2000.00 perfect replacement.  I have sat in every desk chair that I've found in Target/Ross/Marshalls/Goodwill. Nothing that was right.

Finally, yesterday a flyer came in the newspaper for World Market.  A few hours later, after a bit of haggling over a very light stain, I came home with this. 




I got it for 20% off.  The first 10% was for the stain, the second was the coupon that was on the flyer.

It is a bit shorter than the original chair, but it is comfortable. I think I'm going to get some chair slides for the legs at the hardware store. Hopefully, that will give it a little lift and make it easier to slide under the desk when not in use.

I'm going to keep the old chair.  Some day I may find the perfect fabric and finally get around to re-doing it.  Until, I'm happy with my new chair.

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Kristin said...

You can take caning classes and learn how to recane your chair. My dad did that with their rocking chair years ago. You are so crafty you'd have no problem.