Saturday, September 24, 2011

my surprise

This post is long overdue!

A few or 10 days ago my doorbell rang in the middle of the day.  Strange.  I got to the door in time to see the UPS man getting back in his truck.  I hadn't ordered anything.  DH didn't tell me he ordered anything.  I opened the door to find a small package from PurlSoho.

I knew who it was from.  There is only one person I knew who would order something for me from PurlSoho, my old roommate, K!

I quickly opened it to find something wonderful that I will totally enjoy and I would never buy for myself.  The perfect birthday present.



A shawl pin and an orange one at that!  Isn't it lovely!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a cold winter so I can get use out of it. 

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